Kilmodan Graveyard

Kilmodan Church and Graveyard
Kilmodan Church and Graveyard

Below the transcription of the headstones in the old part of the graveyard of Kilmodan. If you would like to receive a copy of one of the images, please use the request form specifying the number of the picture you would like to receive.

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1MabenIn affectionate rememberance of Daniel Maben farmer Achatagan who died 14th August 1902 aged 42 years. Also his son Thomas who died 29th April 1909 aged 20 years and his wife Margaret Maben who died 15th Nov. 1939. "Until the day breaks and the shadows are away"Lichen and erosion of the engraving is making the reading very difficult
2MacLachlan, McConachieIn memory of John MacLachlan who died at Waukmill Ormidale, 3rd June 1935, aged 72. His wife Elizabeth Cowan McConachie died 14th May 1951, aged 87
3MacDiarmid, MacLachlanIn loving memory of our father Peter MacDiarmid died 24 July 1944 aged 89. Our sister Mary died 13th July 1947 aged 58. His son Angus MacDiarmid die 27th Feb. 1966 loving husband of Jane Grace MacLachlan died 7th Feb. 1990, aged 87. Fondly remembered.Black lichen makes reading very difficult
4aMacDonald, MathesonIn loving memory of Murdoch MacDonald who died at Ormidale 27th July 1910 aged 45 years and his wife Barbara Matheson who died at Glasgow 22nd Dec. 1958 aged 90 years
4bEakinSamuel Allan Eakin 31 Dec 01 Ballymena died 22 Oct 1973White lichen makes reading difficult. Husband of Barbara Daisy
4cEakinBarbara Daisy Eakin 2 Oct 1907 Kilmodan died 24 Aug 1979Maiden name MacDonald, daughter of Murdoch MacDonald and Barbara Matheson
5BrownHughie Brown. In memory of faithful service in the employ of the Cripps family on the Glendaruel Estate from 1904 until his death in 1947
6Watt, MacLachlanIn loving memory of Elizabeth Watt wife of John MacLachlan died at North Lodge Ormidale 2nd July 1909, aged 43 years. The above John MacLachlan died at Ardgare, Shandon 5th June 1929, aged 61 years. "Caochla beatha th'ann's cha bhas, le beannachadhi grasmhor, buan, gach neach a ni a chuid is fearr, 's math an t-ait' am faigh e' dhuais"
7HoggSacred to the memory of William Hogg who died on the 29th of July 1845 aged 68 yearsEngraving barely readable because of weathering and lichen
8CrawfordHugh ????? Christina Crawford born 9th January 1792, died 6th April 1853part of engraving fell off due to weathering
9McNab, McNiellSacred to the memory of Mungo McNab tenant in Killail who died on 5th Nov. 1847 aged 77 years and Janet McNiell his spouse who died on 22nd Aug 1844 Aged 55 yearsdates difficult to read due to lichen and moss in combination with weathering
10Colin ????????? who departed this life the 7th Ju????8??? Aged ??????inscription badly eroded and covered in moss
11SinclairErected by Peter Sinclair of P.E.Island Dominion of Canada. 1875. In affectionate rememberance of his father Peter Sinclair a native of Glendaruel who died at Mid-Letter Strathlachlan in 1831 aged 83 years. Also his sisters Ann and Mary and his brother Donald Sinclair who died in the bloom of ????? "He that believeth in me though he were ead yet shall he live. John XI 25"Barely readable due to lichen and moss and general weathering
12Sinclair, McArthurErected by his wife & family in memory of Donald Sinclair died 25th May 1914 aged 67 years. Also his wife Margaret McArthur died 5th May 1930 aged 87 years. Their son Archibald D. Sinclair died 29th Sept. 1951. Their daughter Minnie Sinclair died 14th Sept. 1956
13MacIlleain, Nic Nuier, Nic EalairLe Donnachadh c Mac Illeain maichstir scri?bhraidh an oil thigh mhic ain?feas, glaschu. Carrach am cuichne athair agus a mathair Donnachadh Mac Illeain dhailic a rucadh 1783 a shiuhbail 1867 agus a mhnaoi chaoimh Ealasaid Nic Nuier a rucadh 1787 a shiuhbail 1871 agus an teaghlach Peicidh a rucadh 1809 a shiuhbail 1836 Domhnull a rucadh 1811 a shiuhbail 1854 Iain Piobair a chlinne 1812 1878 Alasdair 1814 1865 Donnachadh Caimbeul 1816 a shiuhbail 1895 Lachlann 1818 1825 Sine 1820 a shiuhbail 1898 Bhaltair 1822 a shiuhbail 1900 Gilleasbuig 1826 1865 Lilidh Nic Ealair 1830 1883 agus Iain an ocha 1847 1872. "Gs trom a suain's gun lua'rim faicinn tha'n dreach gun stad ann am smuainte, Is mise an Aiseiri agus an Bheatha XI Calis ?????"family of Duncan McLean and Elizabeth Weir or McNuier and their children Peter born 1808. Donald 1811, John 1812, Alexander 1814, Donald 1816, Lachlan 1818, Jane 1820, Walter 1822 archibald 1822. Lilias McKellar (Lilidh Nic Ealair)
14Douglas, TaylorHere lys John Douglas who died August 1763 aged 66 years and Isobell Taylor his spouse who died Nov 16 1750 aged 44 yearsStone heavily encrusted with lichen
15Brown, McDougallTo the memory of Catherine Brown who died 25th Nov. 1809 aged 49 years, Walter McDougall died 1848 aged 87 years. Also their children John died 3d March 1827, Duncan died 2d June 1830, Alexander died 5th March 1839 Mary died 9th June 1846 and Samuel died 7th April 1864 aged 76 years. This tribute of respect was erected 1865 by their only surviving son Walter McDougall farmer Aldgaltrig. The said Walter McDougall died August 19 1870 aged 74 years. Margaret died Septr 19 1873 aged 76 years. Catherine died Decr 13 1875 aged 68 years. Janet died 29th Aug. 1882 aged 96 yearsEngraving badly weathered. Must be Catherine Michael or Brown and Walter McDougall: Inverchaolain Parish records - Janet 1786, Samuel 1788, Mary 1793, Alexander 1795, Walter 1800, Duncan 1802, Catherine 1805
16aMacLeanSacred to the memory of Lachlan MacLean son of Duncan MacLean who departed this life at Camqhuairt May 16 1825 aged ? 7? years. Also of his ??????????? Margaret ?????????????????????Badly eroded and encrusted in lichen
16bMacLeanDonnachadh Cambeul Mac Illeain ??ch mh?? ??llie?dreas ann an glashu mar chuim?????? Donnachadh Mac Illeain chaochail air on 29 ? do mhic de re??? an ear???ish 1867 ?d 84 bliadhna a ????rois agus a mhathair, ?alas aid nic n nuier ????dcha??? air an 12uc do ???? ??re?dh??????????? ig 8??????????????Badly eroded and encrusted in lichen. Backside of stone 16a
17McKellar, McAlpineErected by Archibald McKellar carpenter Otter in memory of his mother Catherine McAlpine native of Glenorchy who died at Bachcan Loch Striven 1st January 1845 aged 54 Years. His father Peter McKellar who died at Bachcan 16th June 1845 aged 57 years. Also his brother John late carpenter who died at Port Glasgow 21st April 1854 aged 27 yearsBadly encrusted in lichen
18McIntyre, McAuslandSacred to the memory of Charles McIntyre who died at Auchnagarn 10th April 1873 aged 54 years. His wife Jannet McAusland, died 3rd December 1914 aged 93 years. "Whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth. Hebrews 12th 6th verse"(Gordon Greenock)part of engraving is fallen of but still readable.
19McIntyre, Cameron, McFadyenIn memory of Andrew McIntyre late tenant - Milton farm died 26th Dec. 1846 - aged 76. His wife Janet Cameron died 4th Sep. 1853 - aged 72. Their son Archd. McIntyre late piermaster Ormidale, died 30th Jan. 1887 - aged 82. His wife Catherine McFadyen died 13th Nov. 1899 - aged 8?. "These all died in faith". This monument is erected by Peter son of the above Archd McIntyre who died in London 11th Nov. 1931 aged 45 Highgate cemetery
20McIntyre, CampbellErected in memory of James McIntyre farmer Altgaltraig who died 7th Sep 1891 aged 70 years. His wife Ann Campbell died 7th January 1908 aged 83 years
21McIntryre, Moodie, MurrayIn loving memory of Alexander McIntyre who died at Kilbridemore 13th Dec. 1933, aged 88 years. His wife Isabella Moodie died 1st Aug. 1899, aged 51 years. Their daughter Rachel died in infancy. Their sons Charles died 16th May 1887, aged 15 years, Alexander died in Calagary, Canada 1911 aged 34 years, William died 11th January 1941, aged 67 years, Andrew died 24th Nov. 1952, aged 73 years, beloved husband of Mary Murray, John died 13th Dec 1959, aged 78 years
22In loving memory of ???????????Jessie Mac??nes?????????????Stone very badly eroded
23McAusland, McNicolErected by Margaret McAusland to the memory of Archibald McNicol her husband, farmer Strondavain, who died 25th November 1889 aged 78 years. Margaret McAusland, wife of Archibald McNicol, died 24th November 1908 aged 94 Years
24McNicol, Buchanan1864 - Erected in memory of John McNicol farmer Strondavan who died 1st April 1861 aged 90 years and his wife Elizabeth Buchanan who died 17th Septr. 1868 aged 89 years by their familyencrusted in lichen
25Cameron, MacNicol, McNicol, RossErected by Elizabeth Cameron in loving memory of her husband Donald MacNicol, farmer Shellfield, Ormidale, who died 30th August 1884 aged 78 years,. The said Elizabeth Cameron died 2nd February 1893, aged 74 years and their son Archibald McNicol, farmer Kilbridemore who died 9th June 1897, aged 52 years. His daughter Jessie, died 15th June 1901 aged 13 years. Also his son Donald who died 19th October aged 27 years. Also Elizabeth Ross wife of the said Archibald McNicol who died 17th January 1913 aged 63 years. "Thy will be done"no year of death mentioned for Donald only 19th October aged 27 years.
26Anderson, MacNicol, Crawford, KeithErected by Bessie Anderson in loing memory of her husband John MacNicol, farmer Garvie, Glendaruel, who died 2nd November 1888 aged 46 years. Also their infant daughter Margaret Nichol died 16th June 1878, aged 5 months. Also their infant son John died 21at April 1889, aged 10 months. Their son Donald died 30th July 1889, aged 10 years. The above Bessie Anderson who died 1st March 1918, at Newton of Mountblairy Banffshire aged 67 years. Also their youngest daughter Jean, wife of Robert Crawford, died at Waipukutan, North Island, NZ, 16th April 1950, and their daughter Elizabeth Cameron, wife of Alex Taylor Keith died 24th May 1959, aged 76 years. "There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God "white lichen is making reading of some text difficult
27McPhail, McNicolIn memory of Angus McPhail late farmer in Evanachan who died 27th May 1884 aged 98 years also his wife Catherine McNicol died 26th April 1876 aged 76 years. Daughter Catherine died 7th October 18?? aged 2? years. Their son Angus died 20th August 1884 aged 43 years.badly eroded and encrusted in lichen
28McPhail, LeitchIn memory of John McPhail who died at Inverary 3rd May 1906. His wife Mary Leitch died at Ormaig 25th June 1908. Their son Angus late of Ormaig Kilmartin died 16th May 1937. Dugald died 22nd Oct. 1948. Their daughter Catherine died 3rd February 1961 aged 93 years
29McPhail, SmithErected by the family in memory of Peter McPhail died at Stronmacachan 18th February 1899 aged 73 years and his wife Catherine Smith died at Lephenmore 27th November 1918 aged 84 years. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth died 13th Feb. 1952 aged 76 years
30Buchanan, McPhailIn loving memory of our mother and father Rachel Hall Buchanan who died at Strondavan Glendaruel 6th June 1904 aged 40 years . Angus McPhail died at Lephinmore, Strathlachlan, 10th September 1944 aged 77 Years and their infant daughter Jane Moodie, their daughter Catherine Smith died 27th Sept 1950 aged 50 years, their son John Buchanan died 20th Sept 1988 aged 86 yearsengraving eroded
31GordonIn memory of James son of Alex Gordon, overseer Glendaruel House, who died 2nd Septr 1842 aged 12 monthscovered with lichen but engraving still clearly readable
32Lilingston, LeitchErected in memory of his parents Duncan Lilingston and Sarah Leitch by John Lilingston 1839
33Gordon, DouglasIn memory of Alexander Gordon farmer Achanellat who died 20th May 18?? aged 72 years, his wife Flora Douglas who died 2??? March 1883 aged 8? years. James Gordon who died 22d September 1842 aged 1 year. David Gordon who died in Island of Grenada 12th January 186? aged 25 years. Alexander Gordon M.D. who died ???????ber 1868 aged ?? yearsengraving badly eroded.
34McAusland, WardenSacred to the memory of Alexander McAusland who died 1st March aged ?? also ?????????? died ?????? aged ???? also his wife Margaret Warden died 9th March 1880 aged 8? years. Their son Robert McAusland died 8th July 18?1 aged 30 years and his daughter Archina died 27th Dec 1879 aged 29 years.Badly eroded, pieces fallen off and covered with lichen
35SinclairArchibald Sinclair farmer Auchenalaith To the memory of his son John who died on his passage from Bombay to the Clyde, February 23 1843 aged 33 years. Archibald who died on his passage from the Clyde to Grenada January 23 1840 Aged 26 years. Donald late overseer Grenada who died Auchenalaith July 1st 1847 aged 30 yearsBadly eroded and encrusted with lichen
36Brown, AndersonIn loving memory of our mother Elizabeth Brown died 1st January 1937 aged 59 years. Also our father John Anderson Robertson died 5th May 1964 aged 84 yearsHeadstone broken from its base and lying flat
37Moodie, HallIn memory of William Moodie, farmer Lephinkill, born 4th July 1794 died 2nd Jany 1857& Rachell Hall his wife born 15th Novr. 1804 died 26th July 1867. Their children Mary born 6th Sept 1842 died 4th Jany 1849, Margt --- 5th June 1844 --- 22sd Jany 1849, Dougd --- 17th May 1834 --- 14th July 1855
38Moodie, LyonErected by William Moodie to the memory of his father Duncan Moodie late farmer of Lephinkill who died 25th January 1876 aged 47 years and his mother Flora Lyon who died at Port-Bannatyne 19th February 1881 aged 45 years. "Be ye also ready for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man cometh"Top ornament broken off and lying at base
39Shaw, FergusonErected by George Shaw Stronardron in loving memory of our dear son Angus died 4th Oct. 1938, aged 26 years. The above George Shaw died 15th Feb. 1944, aged 67 years and his wife Betsy Ferguson died 3rd Nov. 1950. "Thy will be done".
40CameronSacred to the memory of Archibald Cameron Mariner Shelfield who was drowned at Lochriddan on the VI of Mar MDCCCXXI in his twenty third yearbottom part covered by stone in front being nr 41
41CameronIn memory of John Cameron farmer Ardachuple who died September 28 1867 aged 79 years. Also his spouse Janet Currie who died August 31st 1860 aged 75 years. Also their daughter Mary who died Oct 22 1857 aged 2? YearsEngraving badly eroded and encrusted by lichen and moss
42Weir, TurnerErected to the memory of George Weir who died February 2d 1873 Aged 72 years erected by his sons Alexander and Walter. Also his wife Mary Turner, who died July 27th 1876, aged 64 years
43WeirMemory of George Weir late tenant Auchanalit who died 10th June 18??Very badly eroded and encrusted in lichen
44Lamont, CrawfordErected by Rebecca Lamont in memory of her husband John Crawford, spirit dealer Greenock, who died 5th Janry 1843 aged 32 years, much and justly regretted. And their son Archibald who died 7th July 184? aged 3 years ??????????????? Bottom part of stone badly eroded en covered in moss
45Henderston, SteuartErected in memory of James Henderson farmer ???? Duiletter ???? 13 of April 18?? aged 86 years ??? His wife ??? Steuart ??? June 18????Engraving fallen off face of stone. Only part of it is lying against the stone and it is badly eroded and encrusted in lichen
46Whyte, JackErected by his wife and family in loving remembrance of Neil Whyte died at Strondavon 23rd July 1934 aged 76 years. His daughter Margaret Ellen McLean (Peggy) died in Western Infirmary Glasgow 10th July 1921 aged 25 years. His wife Janet Jack died at Strondavon 19th May 1939 aged 75 years. Their son Neil died 5th December 1939 aged 38 years. Their son John died 13th November 1943 aged 53 years. "Thy will be done"
47Crawford, Sinclair, PorterIn loving memory of Duncan Crawford, blacksmith, died 2nd September 1933, aged 76 years. His wife Mary Sinclair died 22nd April 1942, aged 70 years. Also their daughter Margaret died 15th October 1971 aged 68 years beloved wife of John Porter. "Cus an cbrist an latha"
48CrawfordIn memory of Archibald Crawford who died 2nd April 1920
49James ???? And his ???? Elizabeth ???? his mother in ??? his ?????? aged 72 years ???? his sonStone leaning against enclosure, broken en encrusted with lichen
50McNaughton, TurnerIn loving memory of Peter McNaughton of Ardachearanbeg died 18th January 1947 and his wife Mary Buchanan Turner died 5th July 1957
51Black, McIntoshIn Memory of John Black of Stronar???? who died ???????????? and of ??????????McIntosh his wife ?????????????????? Mary ???????????? ?????????????? Peter ????????? aged 47 years. John ??????????? Aged 35 years-------------------------Don?????????????? Dunans Australia?????????? chfynehead 1886 ???????? ars Isabella???????????????and relict of Do??????died 4th DecemberStone badly eroded with pieces having fallen off. Must be John Black and his wife Isabel McIntosh of Strondardron and their children.
52BlackSacred to the memory of Donald Black farmer Clachan Lochfynehead who died at Clachan 1st December 1903 aged 64 years Archibald Black of Balameanach and Driep Strachur who died at Balameanach 11th February 1913 aged 78 years sons of James Black Stronardron and of James Black also of Balameanach and Driep 27th November 1920 aged 75 years
53Black, Buchanan, LawrieSacred to the memory Arc?????????c? ??????????????? ??????? young ????May 1824???????? Janet Buchanan his ????? January 18????? And Mary his eldest ??????? October 1?????? ------------His son Walter ??????????? Ardentraive, died ??????????? Aged 81 years Jessie Lawrie the ?????????? Walter Black died ????? aged 76 years. Their daughter Margaret Jessie Black died 17 November 1902 aged 69 yearsStone badly eroded with pieces having fallen off. Must be Archibald Black and Janet Buchanan and their family as well as the family of his son Walter Black and Jessie Lawrie
54Black, McLeod, ThornburnSacred to the memory of Archibald Black, Walter Black, sons of Walter Black, Ardentraive, Marion McLeod, wife of Archibald Black, their youngest son Campbell Edington -.- Henrietta Thornburn wife of Archibald S. Black late of Bogan Bute. Their eldest son Archibald Campbell and second son Capt Thomas Charles Addis Australian Navy
55Inscription totally eroded away. Nothing is left!
56BlackJohn Black????????????Stone heavily covered in moss and lichen
57Dobie, Gourlay, Flockhart, ChalmersIn loving memory of James Dobie who died ??? December 1881 aged ?0 years Also of his wife Jessie Gourlay who died ?? December 1888 aged 76 years. Their son James who died 1? May 1855 aged 8 years. Their daughter Elizabeth wife of Peter Flockhart who died 16th April 1872 buried in Cathcart churchyard. Sarah Dobie wife of Thomas Chalmers died 30th Sept 1896 aged 50 years. Elizabeth Gourlay, mother of the above Jessie Gourlay died 27th August 1853 aged 72 yearsBadly eroded with engravings fallen off and encrusted in lichen
58Potter, CrippsIn loving memory of Blanche daughter of Richard Potter of Standish House Gloucestershire devoted wife of W. Harrison Cripps of Glendaruel died 1st June 1905. "Sleep on in peace beneith thy head the immortal volumes loved by thee and know thy wish fulfilled to have lived a noble life true to thy home thy country and thy God" letters are fading
59HughesFanny Hughes died 15th Jan. 1928 aged 84 --- for over 60 years faithful servant and devoted friend of the late William & Blanche HarrisonBottom in grass
60McArdle, MacLachlanIn loving memory of Hugh M. McArdle died 3rd Dec. 1977 his wife Elizabeth M.N. MacLachlan died 23rd June 1989
61MacLachlanIn affectionate rememberance of Elizabeth wife of the Rev. John MacLachlan Minister of Kilmodan born at Garleith Old-Kilpatrick 28th April 1867 died suddenly at Kilmodan Manse 17th March 1903. The above Rev. John MacLachlan died 17th Oct. 1927. "Thy will be done"
62aMorrison, McEachern, TaitIn loving memory of the Reverend Archibald Morrison M.A. 18th December 1889 14th May 1953 Minister of Kilmodan 1946 - 1953 His wife Janet Stewart McEachern 31st December 1893 11th July 1975 "The finger of God touched him, and he slept" In loving memory of their daughter Janet Simpson Tait 27th Feb. 1919 - 8th Jan. 1993. Her loving husband Alexander Tait 30th July 1911 - Fraserburgh, 8th Sept 1994.
62bMorrison, Wills, SamsonIn loving memory of Archie Morrison died 1997 aged 69. Mary Rose Wills died 2005 aged 80 and Eila Samson died 2010 aged 89 Children of Rev Archibald Morrison ad Janet Morrison
63Crawford, LamontMargaret Crawford in loving memory of her husband Peter Lamont - Joiner - died at Glendaruel 14th August 1909 aged 62. His wife Margaret Crawford died 19th June 1913 aged 60 years. Their daughter Elizabeth died 4th July 1925 aged 34 years. Their daughter Mary died 14th July 1938 aged 62 years. Their daughter Isabella died 29th July 1951 aged 67 years. Their son Robert MacNaught died 1st October 1953 aged 59 years.
64MacDougall, LamontIn loving memory of Joan MacDougall died 12th January 1949 beloved wife of John Lamont Joiner died 5th June 1958
65Whyle, BlackIn loving memory of Jeannie Whyle who died 1st Dec. 1958 aged 75 years beloved wife of Neil Black who died 10th March 1960 aged 92 years. Black.
66Flat gravestone half buried with no inscription left
67Flat gravestone half buried with no inscription left
68CampbellSacred to the memory of Donald Campbell late Minister of Kilmaur who died the 29th December 1837 aged 63 years. Also Jessie Campbell his wife who died at Glassary Manse on the 17th March 1858 aged 75
69Turner, SweetingErected by Andrew Turner in memory of his beloved wife Hannah Sweeting born at Menthorpe Yorkshire March 17, 1842 died at South Hall Sept 26 1878. The said Andrew Turner died 16th June 1883 aged 44 years. Him that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out".
70McArthur, TurnerElizabeth McArthur in loving memory of her husband George Turner who died 16th April 1927. Also their son Dugald who died in infancy. The above Elizabeth McArthur died 4th June 1940
71Turner, FergusonIn memory of Alexander Turner died Octr. 1836 . His wife Janet Ferguson died 8th Novr 1861. Their family Margaret died Feby 1835, Alexander ---- March 1837, a son & daughter died in infancy, Duncan died 21st Nov 1875, Colin ---- 18th Sep 1877, Dugald --- 9th March 1895, Susan --- 4th April 1895
72TurnerErected in memory of Andrew Turner late Miller in Auchenbreack who died April 28th 1824 aged 72 years. Also Duncan Turner his son who was drowned in Lochriddan 11th May 1821 aged 19 years
73Clark, CampbellErected by Duncan Clark 185? ------- Archibald Clark late farmer Camquhart died 13th Feby 1852 Aged 80 years. Mennie Campbell his spouse died 24th May 1845 aged 80 years. Mary their daughter, died 18th Jany 1821 aged 15 years. Alexander their son died 25th Jany 1838 aged 38 years. Euphemia their daughter died 27th May 1842 aged 41 years. Also 4 children who died in infancy. Duncan Clark Clerk, Glasgow Jean Campbell his affectionate spouse died 21st Jan. 1857 aged 56 years.Engraving very difficult to read
74Leitch, McAlpineErected in memory of his parents James Leitch and Janet McAlpine by Alex Leitch their son Ground Officer Glendaruel 1888Badly eroded and encrusted in lichen
75Brown, LivingstonErected 1910 by the family in memory of James Brown -Conachra- died February 1872 aged 81 years and of his wife Anne Livingston died August 1881 aged 86 years. Also of their family Anne died June 1836 aged 8 years, Charles died at San Francisco Feburary 1855 aged 30 years and Sarah died February 1909 aged 90 years. Catherine Brown born 22nd Nov. 1855 died 18th Dec. 1927lichen is damaging the engraving
76Turner, MacKellarIn loving memory of Annie Turner died at Shellfield 18th July 1938 aged 62 years and her husband Archibald MacKellar died at Shellfield 8th November 1942 aged 86 years
77McPhail, TurnerIn memory of James McPhail Beloved husband of Janet Turner died 1st Feb. 1933 aged 61 years. The above Janet Turner died 3rd April 1938, aged 65 years
78MacKenzie, MacPhailIn loving memory of Murdoch Mackenzie who died 6th July 1953 aged 45 years beloved husband of Mary MacPhail died 29th January 1998 aged 88 years. A token of respect and sympathy from his fellow workers of Rollse Royce Transport Dep.
79Turner, MacKellarIn loving memory of James Turner Springfield died 3rd May 1906 aged 72 years and his wife Mary Ann MacKellar died 9th July 1906 aged 71 years. Their son James Duncan died 17th Oct. 1895 aged 20 years. Their son Colin died in infancy.engraving very faint
80Flat stone covered in moss. Inscription impossible to decipher
81Flat stone, broken and covered in moss. Inscription impossible to decipher
82Smith, McLachlanIn loving memory of my beloved husband Peter Smith who died at Ormidale, 13th Nov. 1943 in his 77th year, leading Elder for many years in Kilmodan Church. Also his wife Isabella McLachlan died 6th January 1950. "Blessed are the death which die in the Lord". "In loving memory".
83MacLachlan, Alice, HigginsIn loving memory of Duncan MacLachlan died 10th April 1944. His wife Jessie Alice died 27th August 1953. Also their daughter Anne Douglas died 8th September 1969 and her dear husband Peter Higgins died 21st November 1999
84Baxter, McGibbonHere lies the body of Malcome Baxter who died March 1780 Margaret McGibbon who died Febry 1774 to whoƒe memory this is erected by Duncan Baxter their son 1788
85McArthur, BaxterErected by M.J. Black, Ardentraive, to the memory of Donald McArthur for more than fifty years the faithful friend & servant of the family who died 17th May 1884 aged 77 years. Minnie Baxter his wife who died 27th August 1912 aged 91 years. Their daughter Mary died 3rd June 1921 aged 76 years. Their son Duncan died 14th December 1940 aged 91 years
86BradfieldIn loving memory of Thomas Bradfield died 26th April 1950. Amie beloved wife of the above Thomas Bradfield died 6th November 1959 aged 88 years
87Helm, MacDonaldIn memory of Robert Helm who died 16th April 1941 beloved husband of Margaret MacDonald who died 11th January 1974 aged 95 years
88MacKellar, Bertram, Murray,Erected by William MacKellar Achnacarron to his daughter Rachel who died of fever while nursing 4th March 1933 aged 18. The above William MacKellar died 2nd February 1940 aged 72. Also his second daughter Annie died 6th February 1942 aged 25. Also his third daughter Louisa wife of D.S. Bertram died 27th July 1956 aged 37 and his wife Margaret Menzies Murray died 15th February 1963 aged 84. Worthy of Rememberance
89Smith, McEwenIn loving memory of Alexander W.C. Smith died 9th Dec. 1912 - aged 73 and his wife Annie McEwen 17th Oct. 1901 - aged 54. Erected by the family
90McIntyre, McInnes, McDermidDonald McIntyre in loving memory of his wife Ann McInnes who died at Ardachuple 29th March 1895 aged 41 years and his two sons who fell in the Great War Donald of the 49th Canadians at Ypres 5th June 1916 aged 33 years, Malcolm 2st Scots Guards on the Somme 19th Sept 1916 aged 24 years. The above Donald McIntyre died at Dounie, Colintraive, 26th June 1935, aged 77 years . Their son Archibald died at Dunoon 29th Sept 1959, aged 65 years. Also his second wife Sarah McDermid died at Dounie, Colintraive, 5th July 1942
91McLeanIn memory of Neil McLean died 23rd June 1882 Aged 25 yearscovered in moss and lichen
92Flat stone totally covered in moss and a bit of lichen
93Fleming, MacPhersonIn loving memory of Alexander Fleming died 8th March 1944 aged 56 years. His wife Joan MacPherson died 22nd November 1964 aged 73 years. Fleming
94McPhailIn loving memory of Catherine McPhail born at Potiea Ross of Mull 14th March 1862 died at Camquhart Glendaruel 23rd March 1936
95Fleming, McPhailIn loving memory of John Fleming died at Camquhart 16th April 1934 aged 86 years. His wife Julia McPhail died 17th May 1901 aged 44 years. Their daughter Grace Anderson died 12th February 1891 aged 19 months. Their youngest son, Hector McPhail, died 12th February 1946 aged 52 years. Their elder daughter Mary MacIntyre died 20th March 1966 aged 80 years. Their second son Ian Fleming Camquhart Farm died 17th September 1973 aged 82 years
96PeacockIn loving memory of James Peacock died 22nd Dec. 1938 aged 36 years. Also George Wilson Peacock died 2nd Aug. 1935 aged 28 years
97Ferguson, BuchananIn loving memory of Colin Ferguson Senior, farmer, who died at Lephinkill Glendaruel 13th February 1913 aged 71 years. His daughter Mary McNicol died 5th July 1868 aged 3 years. His son Walter Buchanan died 25th November 1890 aged 12 years. His wife Mary Buchanan died 24th March 1923 aged 84 years. Their daughter Elizabeth did 15th Dec. 1941 aged 72 years. Jessie died 8th June 1943 aged 70 years
98Buchanan, McNicolIn memory of Walter Buchanan, farmer Stronafian, who died 26th March 1873 aged 72 years. His wife Mary McNicol died 20th Nov. 1893 Aged 93 years. Their daughter Elizabeth Clark died 1st March 1887 aged 53 years. Also their son Donald Buchanan, late farmer Auchanellat, died at Ballochandrain 19th Oct. 1914 aged 83 years a leading representative of the people of the parish in his day and for 40 years an active and faithful elder in the parish churchengraving barely readable especially at bottom
99Buchanan, Moodie, McPhailIn memory of John Buchanan, farmer, who died at Carsaig, North Knapdale, 17th May 1877, Jane Moodie his wife died at Stronafian Glendaruel 14th Septr 1884, Mary Ann their daughter died at Auchanellat Glendaruel 5th April 1892. Their son Walter Buchanan, Jr, Feorlin, died 26th Decermber 1946 and his wife Elizabeth McPhail died 12th November 1954
100BuchananIn memory of Mary Margaret Buchanan who died 27th April 1937 aged 32 years, daughter of Walter Buchanan Ardachuple and his elder son John McPhail Buchanan who died 2nd December, 1983 aged 80 years
101Buchanan, Moodie, FergusonIn loving memory of Walter Buchanan farmer late od Stronafian died 14th Dec. 1905 aged 65. His wife Helen Moodie died 30th May 1894 aged 47. Their family Rachel died 15th Jan 1875 aged 2. Walter died 5th Feb. 1885 aged 5. Jessie Buchanan wife of the late Colin Ferguson died 11th Jan 1968 Aged 83. In loving memory of Colin Ferguson died 10th April 1969 Aged 79Top engraving almost totally eroded
102Buchanan, McNicolJohn Buchanan in memory of his father Alexander Buchanan who died 1st Feb 1866 aged 61 years. Also of his mother Ann McNicol who died 7th April 1886 aged 84 years. His sister Elizabeth died 11th Oct. 1857 aged 18 years and his brothers Donald died 11th Oct. 1858 aged 26 years, Alexander died 9th Dec. 1862 aged 17 years, Walter died in South America 27th March 1867 aged 26 years. The above John Buchanan died in Buenos Aires 11th January 1901, aged 67 years
103Buchanan, McChananich, WeirSacred to the memory of Walter Buchanan or McChananich late merchant Belfast and second son of Duncan McChananich of Achadacheranbeg who died at Rothesay 28th August 1837 aged 83 years. Erected by his wife Janet Weir. Also in memory of her brother Walter Weir , of the sloop Charlotte Of Rothes, who was accidentally drowned in Thurso Bay, 5th October 1825 aged 30 years.
104Erected by James ??????????? in memory of his spouse Janet Mc????en who died 30th Nov 18?? aged ?7Very badly encrusted in lichen
105McKellar, BaxterErected by Christina McKellar in loving memory of her husband Hector Baxter , farmer, Fearnoch, who died 11th April 1912, aged 72 years. Their son Hector died 9th Feb. 1908, aged 3 years. Her mother Marjorie McKellar died 20th June 1907, aged 79 years. The above Christina McKellar died 3rd April 1956 aged 94 years. Their eldest son Duncan accidentally drowned 19th May 1956, aged 60 years. Their eldest daughter Mary died 27th May 1967.
106Ferguson, McPhersonIn memory of Hugh Ferguson late ????? Doir?nan- ca????? Kilfinan who died 9th ????? 1857 aged ?? also his Mary McPherson who died 7th ????ary 1862 aged ?? Years.Stone badly damaged. Pieces fallen off and lichen encrusted. Probably Hugh Ferguson and Mary McPherson
107FergusonErected in memory of Dugald Ferguson late tenant Moybeg who died April 1799 aged 33 years. Also three of his childrenVery badly encrusted in lichen
108Buchanan, McNicolSacred to the memory of Duncan Buchanan late farmer in Duieletter died June 1827 aged 49 years. Also his beloved wife Catherine McNicol died Oct 1851 aged 76 years, Margaret their daughter, died 1808 aged 2 years, Duncan their son died at sea 1849 aged 27 years
109McIntyre, McFeatIn loving memory of Andrew McIntyre died Glenmore Colintraive 2nd Oct. 1924 aged 76 years. His wife Marion McFeat died 17th February 1940 aged 83 years
110Jamieson, BlackErected by James Jamieson in memory of his father Donald Jamieson who died 1842 aged 62 years. Also his mother Mary Black, died 1868, aged 82 years. Also his brother Archibald died 1839, aged 27 years. Donald died 1844, aged 26 years. Also his sisters Catherine died 1849, aged 25 years, Isabella died 1873, aged 61years, Mary died 18th November 1890, aged aged 80 years
111Buchanan, Clark, BlackSacred to the memory of Donald Buchanan of Achdacheranbeg who died at Auchenbreck 23d March 1853 aged 55 years. Ann his daughter died 26th Oct. 1838 aged 5 1/2 years. Janet Clark, his wife, died 11th May 1880 aged 81 years. Duncan Buchanan of Achdacherranbeg born 17th Jan. 1829 died 16th May 1905 and Mary Black his wife born 16th Feb. 1842 died 3rd Jan. 1905.
112McKellarErected by William McKellar in memory of his father William McKellar who died 10th Jan. 1818 aged 85 yearsInscription rather faint
113McKellar, WalkerErected by Malcom McKellar carter at Rothesay in memory of his wife Isabella Walker who died 22 January 1815 aged 3? years.stone badly eroded, encrusted in lichen and moss
114Weir, McLachlanErected by Mrs Hunter Campbell of Ormidale, in memory of Neil Weir, gardener at Ormidale, who died 10th June 1886, aged 84 years, the faithful servant of the Campbells of Ormidale since his boyhood. His father also dying in the same service as gardener. Sacred also to his wife Isabella McLachlan, who died 22nd Decr. 1877 aged 76 years
115MacKellarErected by John MacKellar Maybeg to the memory of his son John who departed this life at Auchnacoic of Kelmalee Inverary ???5
116McLean, MunnErected by Alexr McLean Auchnagarron in memory of his father Alexr McLean and his mother Helen Munn also his two brothers and three sistersBadly encrusted by lichen and eroded
117No inscription only shield
118Runcie, GilliesErecxted by Archibald E. Runcie in loving memory of his wife Christina J.M. Gillies who died at Nessbank, Tarbert, 2nd Jan 1924 aged 51 years. The above Archibald E. Runcie died 7th Jan. 1949 aged 76 years.
119GilliesIn memoriam Lachlan Gillies died at Ballochandrain 11th Feby 1925 aged 63 years.
120McCall, CaldwellElizabeth McCall in loving memory of her husband & our dear father Daniel B. Caldwell died 4th June 1936 aged 45
121McDougall, StewartIn memory of Marion Waugh McDougall who died at Springfield, Colintraive, 11th December 1943, wife of Archibald Stewart died at Rothesay 4th August 1951
122Carmichael, McAlpineIn loving memory of Annie Carmichael who died 4th April 1932 beloved wife of Donald McAlpine. Also the above Donald McAlpine died 11th July 1944
123Gillies, CarmichaelIn loving memory of Robina Harkness Gillies wife of Alexander Carmichael died at Portanellan, 2nd August 1920 aged 48 years. Also their daughter Annie died 4th April 1932. The above Alexander Carmichael died 23rd January 1957 aged 83 years
124McCallum, WrightHere lyes the remains of Daniel McCallum who departed this life May the 18th 1778 aged 18 years lawfully son to Alexr McCallum and Janet Wright in ????engraving badly eroded
125Gillies, BuchananIn loving memory of Duncan Gillies farmer Ardachuple who died 26th April 1905 aged 82 years. His wife Mary Buchanan died at Duiletter 11th May 1923 aged 88 years. Their son Donald died 11th Jan 1890 aged 11 years. Their daughter Ann died 18th Oct. 1938 aged 74 years. Their son Duncan died 3rd June 1958 aged 89 years. Erected by their family"
126Gillies, CrawfordIn memory of Archibald Gillies, late tenant Port-am-Eilean, who died 11th January 1854 aged 81 years and of his wife Christina Gillies, who died 26th March 1874 aged 78 years Erected by their family. Their son Duncan, who died at Port-an-Eilean 19th March 1901 aged 77. His wife Ann Crawford, who died at Port-an-Eilean 30th August 1889 aged 53. Their son Archd who died at Port-an-Eilean 14th 1885 aged 9. engraving badly eroded
127Gillies, MacDougallErected by Colin and Hector Gillies in memory of their father Alexander Gillies died Nov. 1str 1875 aged 82 years. Also their mother Mary MacDougall died April 27th 1838 aged 38 years. Also their brother Archibald died June 4th 1875 aged 46 years. Also their sister Voilet died in infancy.
128GillisErected by Duncan Gillis tenant Camqhuart in memory of his father Archibald Gillis tenant Camqhuart who departed this life May 10th 1809 aged 66 years also ??????? died ?????? 1770 agedBroken and very badly eroded and encrusted in lichen and moss
129Here lies ???????? of ????????? late farmer ?????aged ?? years ???????engraving badly eroded and encrusted with lichen
130Flat stone badly eroded with faint remains of inscription but not readable any longer
131McNeil, ClarkErected by Lachlan McNeil tenant Kilbridebeg in memory of his father Neil McNeil late tenant in Kildalvan who died 20th June 1814 aged 70 years and of his mother Catherine Clark who died 11th March 1828 aged 76 years. Likewise in memory of his son Archd who died 27th January 1828 and also his son Duncan who died 16 Sept 1833 both infants.
132McNeil, BlackErected by W & l McNeil in memory of their parents Lachlan McNeil who died 19th July 1865 aged 78 and of Jane Black his wife who died 21st June 1862 aged 71
133McNeill, McLachlanErected by his wife and daughter in loving memory of Neil McNeill who died at Dunoon 19th July 1909 aged ?3 years. Also of his ??? Margaret McLachlan his wife who died 22nd July 1919
134Taylor, McFarlaneHere lies the remains of Archd Weir Taylor who departed this life at Rothesay th 15 Augt 1781 aged 53 years and his spouse Janet McFarlane who departed this life th 6 March 1759 aged 30
135WhiteErected in memory of Daniel White Who died Oct 8 1764 aged 20 years.Almost completely covered in moss
136WeirIn memory John Weir Merchant Rothesay who died at Toward on the IX of June MDCCCXXXI aged eighty years
137Weir, Moodie, McPhun, McKellarIn memory of Peter Weir farmer Auchnacarron who died 18th Decr 1899 aged 78 years. His wife Janet Moodie died 22nd Feby 1908 aged 82 years and his family Duncan died 9th Feby 1868 aged 2 years, Dugald died 9th June 1897 aged 37 years, Archibald Moodie youngest son died 1st June 1912 aged 45, John McPhun, grandson, youngest son of Dugald died 18th August 1912 aged 19, their grandson Peter Weir, 2nd Lieut, R.F.A. died of wounds 15th August 1915. Also his father & mother James Weir farmer Auchategain died 7th June 1863 aged 78 years. Mary McKellar died 9th Feb. 1878 aged 90 years and his sister Annie died 18th May. 1897 aged 78 years.
138Covered in moss. Inscription totally eroded
139BlackHere lyes interred the remains of Daniel Black cooper in Greenock son of John Black boatman their, who departed this life the 19th of June 1778 aged 28 years to whose memory this stone is erected
140Fletcher, WeirIn memory of Niel Fletcher surgeon died 23rd Dec 1869 aged 61. His wife Christina Weir died 1st May 1897 aged 68. Their sons Donald George died 18th Dec. 1859 aged 14 months, Niel Alexander died 29th Aug. 1891 aged 34Lichen is getting hold
141Fletcher???? Fletcher farmer ????inscription almost totally eroded.
142Fletcher, McNeil, Ferguson"Blessed are they that die in the Lord". Archibald Fletcher died 1853 aged 84. His wife Janet McNeil died 1825 aged 42. Their family Lachlan Dugald died in infancy 1817, an infant son died 1824, Archibald died 1828 aged 18, Janet --------------- 1848----36, Jean--------------1859----34, Donald -------------1858---- 63, Helen ---------- 1868----47 , Neil --------- 1869-----62, Mary ------ 1889---- 75, Catherine ------ 1892 ---- 89, His wife Susan Ferguson died 1881 aged 82. Their family Rachel died 188? aged 31, Archibald ----- 1893 ---- 36, Ann daughter of Archd Fletcher & Janet McNeil died 1890 aged 81. Her sister Margaret died 1900 aged 88Inscription very faint
143Fletcher, McNeil, ClarkArchibald Fletcher in memory of his father Dugald Fletcher late farmer Balechandrain Glendaruel who died 7th May 1866 aged 75 years. His mother Catherine McNeil died 13th March 1865 aged 72 years and of his sisters Catherine died 7th Oct 1846 aged 16 years, Helen died 6th May 1858 aged 26 years and of his wife Mary Clark who died 12th Aug. 1869 aged 23 years. Also of his infant son Dugald aged 5 monthsinscription at edges of stone worn off
144FletcherIn memory of his parents Donald Fletcher late Black Smith ??? Fletcherbadly encrusted by lichen and moss
145McEwen, SinclairIn memory of Daniel McEwen died at Waulkmill 3rd May 1919 In his 91st year. His wife Margaret Sinclair died at Waulkmill 12th June 1900 aged 77 and their daughter Margaret died at Loch Fad aged 15 years.Badly encrusted in lichen
146McEwen, WeirErected by Neil McEwen in memory of John McEwen late schoolmaster Kilmodan who died ?? Sept 1853 aged 65 years also his spouse Margaret Weir who died 6th Feb. 1857 Aged 67 yearsVery Badly eroded engraving.
147Black, RobertsonDonald Black in memory of his wife Margaret Black who died 13th March 1885 Aged 76 years. Also their son Donald who died in infancy. The above Donald Black died in Greenock 1st May 1899 aged 94 years. Their great gand daughter Winifred Robertson died in Glasgow November 1972Very badly encrusted in lichen