Colintraive Old Graveyard

Below the transcription of the headstones in the Old Graveyard of Colintraive. If you would like to receive a copy of one of the images, please use the request form specifying the number of the picture you would like to receive.

1MacLachlanIn loving memory of my dear husband Hug MacLachlan who died 13th March 1920 also of our daughter Emily who died in infancy
2CampbellIn --------------------Catherine Gray Campbell died the ?? June 1872 aged 52 yearsTop part of engraving nor the date is no longer readable
3Clark, Brown, McLeanErected in memory of Mary Clark died 27th January 1865 aged 29 years, Mary Brown or Clark died 15th January 1870 aged 71 years, Archibald Clark farmer Couston died 2nd July 1874 aged 84 years, Mary McLean wife of Neil Clark farmer Couston died 14th September 1883 aged 32 years
4Brown, McLachlanErected in memory of Neil Brown who died 5th Sept 1877 Aged 53 years, his son Neil died 13th Nov 189? Aged 27 years, his wife Margaret Cameron McLachlan died 8th Oct 1898 aged ?? years, his sister Catherine died March 1892 Aged 75 yearsengraving barely readable. Following death certificates, Neil Brown died 2 September 1877 at Newton aged 55, son Neil was born in 1869, Margaret Cameron McLachlan was aged 70 and Sister Catherine Brown died at Couston age 74 on 12 March 1891 instead of 1892.
5Turner, ClarkIn memory of Andrew Turner who died 4th June 1927 aged 54 years, his daughter Mary died 8th May 1946 aged 37 years, also his wife Mary Clark died 13th May 1949 aged 72 years
6TurnerIn loving memory of Mary Turner who died at Largs 4th November 1954 aged 85 years
7Crawford, BrownErected by Hugh Crawford in memory of his wife Janet Brown ????? Feb 15 ????? Aged ?? Years
8Turner, McLeanErected by William Turner in loving memory of his son Andrew who died 11th March 1926. The above William Turner died 7th March 1943 aged 71 years, his wife Catherine McLean died 10th August 1940 aged 67 years
9MacLachlanErected to the memory of Jean MacLachlan, who died 4th Aug. 1917 aged ?? yearsDate and age very eroded.
10Nisbet, McKayIn loving memory of Archibald Nisbet died 21st Jan. 1880 and his wife Grace McKay died 16th Nov. 1897 and their family Archibald died 22nd Dec. 1887, Hector died 21st Jan. 1901, George G. died 22nd Dec. 1918, John died 31st July 1920, Margaret died 11th June 1923, Isabella died 21st Dec. 1942
11MacFeatErected by M.A. MacFeat in memory of his brother Archd MacFeat who died at Glemore, Colintraive 13th Feby 1936 aged 78 years. The above Matthew A. MacFeat died at Bonahaven Clarkston 2nd Novr 1951 interred Cathcart cemetery
12McIntyre, GilliesIn loving memory of our sons Hamish died 11th Aug. 1939 aged 31 years, Archibald died 8th Mar. 1938 aged 21 years, also their mother Jessie Gillies died 13th Sept. 1947 aged 69 years and their father Andrew McIntyre died 27th Sept. 1947 aged 82 years
13Sinclair, LyleIn memory of Duncan Sinclair died 29th November 1903, his wife Euphemia Lyle died 31st May 1937, their daughter Euphemia died 17th May 1906 aged 15 years, their grandson Iain Sinclair died 22nd Jan. 1931 aged 11 years. At Rest
14McIntyre, McVicar, McNeillIn memory of Hugh McIntyre died 18 Dec 1893 aged 74 and his wife Mary McVicar 20 Feb 1907 aged 75, their children Donald 29 Oct 1902 aged 44, Jeanie 22 Feb 1893 aged 28 and Catherine in infancy, Mary McNeill wife of above Donald McIntyre died 7 Mary 193? aged 74
15TaitSacred to the memory of Isabella Tait, Rhubodach, North Bute, who died on 27th March 1938
16aLowcockSacred to the memory of Alexandrina, beloved wife of Arthur Lowcock, Dundarroch, Colintraive, bron April 16th 1857 and of Arthur Lowcock died December 21st 1941 aged 88 years, their eldest son Percy J. Alexander died September 17th 1961, aged 83 years, his wife Hilda Mary died April 28th 1978 aged 96 yearsengraved on 3 sides - side 1
16bLowcockand Nell their youngest daughter born November 29th 1886 died June 12th 1929 buried at Duns, their daughter Dorothy Senior Howatt born November 16th 1884 died August 4th 1956engraved on 3 sides - side 2
16cLowcockand also of Alfred Wilfrid Barnes Lieut. R.N.V.R. their youngest son born March 7th 1890 died November 12th 1918 whilst on active service in the great war buried at Mudrosengraved on 3 sides - side 3
16dLowcock, HowattLaura Dorothy Kate Howatt whife of Reggie die Jan. 18th 2005 -aged 88 yearsin front of main headstone nr 16 - left hand side
16eHowatt, MarshallTheir eldest daughter Eveline Mary Hoare died March 5th 1974 - aged 93 years, their grandson Reginald Arthur Reid Howatt died June 12th 1981 - aged 71 years, their granddaughter Patience Esme Marshall, nee Howatt died Dec. 8th 1997 - aged 86 yearsin front of main headstone nr 16 - in middle
16fHowattGordon Reid Howatt died in Brazil February 1920 father of Reggie and Patiencein front of main headstone nr 16 - right hand side
17Currie, CalderIn loving memory of my dear parents Margaret E.S. Currie died 26th August 1952 aged 63 years, Rev. John Calder died 11th January 1963 aged 79 years
18Pepper, MorleyIn memory of Robert McKirdy Pepper, Altavoil, Colintraive, born 25th January 1861 died 29th January 1949, his wife Agnes Mary Morley born 11th September 1875 died 4th November 1951, their daughter Agnes Mary (Dora) born 28th August 1913 died 19th March 1931
19Hutcheson, DronIn memory of Ethel M. W. Hutcheson beloved wife of Rev. John Archibald Dron died at Colintraive 14th June 1935, Bravest of Souls! With what serenity she faced life's sorrow and adversity. Dearest of hearts & we who knew her bless her life of gentlegracious kindliness. Also Rev. John Archibald Dron died 26th July 1939
20Black, MuirIn loving memory of Archibald Black died 6th Oct. 1939 aged 77. His wife Catherine Muir died 15th Jan. 1943 aged 77. Their son James LieuT. R.S. killed in France 1st Aug. 1918, aged 20 years.
21MacKay, McMurdoIn loving memory of my dear father and mother Peter MacKay Craigendive, died 12th Oct. 1923, aged 72 years. Marion McMurdo died 20th Sept. 1954, aged 80 years. Also our dear brother Donald lost at sea through enemy action, 23rd Mar. 1941, aged 40 years
22Brown, McNeillIn loving memory of Isabella Lillias Brown beloved wife of Donald McNeill died 28th Nov. 1948 aged 61 years. The above Donald McNeill died 8th Nov. 1957 aged 73 years
23FergusonIn loving memory of John Ferguson who died 15th Dec. 1941, aged 66. His daughter Betsy who died in infancy
24FergusonIn loving memory of Isabella Ferguson died 11th Jan. 1959 aged 72 yearsbroken into 2 pieces
25BoydIn loving memory of Mary Harvey Boyd died 7th February 1951, in her 80th year. "Until the day break!"
26BrownErected by Rev. John Brown U.S.A. in loving memory of his father Archibald Brown died 1890, aged 84. Also his brothers and sisters Alexander, died 1887 U.S.A., Duncan, died 1890 U.S.A., Margaret, died 1887 U.S.A., Catherine died 1872
27McLean, FergusonIn loving memory of John McLean who died 12th May 1892 aged 63 years. His wife Margaret Ferguson died 26th Dec. 1937 in her 100th year. His son James died 14th March 1902 aged 34 years. His son John died 7th Jan 1954 aged 76 years
28MacKenzie, MacKay, MitchellErected by Peter S. MacKenzie in loving memory of his wife Ann MacKay died Septr. 1892. Peter S. MacKenzie died November 1898 aged 73 years. Also their daughters, Mary Mackay, died 1859. Mary, died 1876. Elizabeth, died 1886. Jean died 7th Jan. 1956, wife of William C. Mitchell the Black Watch killed in action Paardeberg S. Africa18th Feb. 1900
29McCaul, FisherIn loving memory of Margaret McCaul wife of Duncan Fisher, Blarghour, Loch Awe Side, who died 15th February 1925 aged 85 years. John died 27th Nov. 1933. Until the day dawnCross leaning now against pedestral and covering engraving
30Fisher. McCollIn memory of Catherine Fisher who died 24th November 1929 aged 49 years, beloved wife of A.D. McColl. Also their son Archibald Duncan died at Kintore Innellan 6th April 1934 aged 18 years
31McCollIn loving memory of Archibald Duncan McColl who died at Kintore Innellan 6th April 1934 aged 18 yearsvery eroded engraving which is barely readable.
32Watret, McKirdyHelen R. Watret in loving memory of her husband Robert McKirdy died at his residence Failte Colintraive 24th Oct. 1921. The above Helen R. Watret died at Colintraive 27th July 1948
33McLean, McIntyreIn loving memory of John McLean who died 10th Oct. 1907. His wife Mary McIntyre died 31st March 1888. Their son Archibald died 3rd March 1897. Elizabeth McLean, sister of the above John McLean, died 1st Oct. 1915
34WeirIn loving memory of Peter Weir who died in 1909 aged 8? also his wife Susan Wallace who died in 1907 aged 72. Their daughter Janet Weir who died in 1924 aged 55. Their daughter Margaret Weir born 1867 died 1926From the death certificate Peter Weir was age 86
35EwingIn loving memory of James Alexander Ewing M.A. (Edin) B.A. (Oxon) I.E.S. reader in English Literature University of Allahabad, India, born 24th July 1883 lost from his boat Frolig near Rhubodach, 28th July 1924Letters very faint
36Ferguson, FletcherIn loving memory of John Ferguson died 17th March 1925 aged 93 years. His wife Margaret Fletcher died 4th January 1917 aged 76 years. Their daughters Isabella died 11th January 1950 aged 72 years, Ann died 26th January 1962 aged 86 years
37Morrison, Turner, McFarlaneIn loving memory of Donald Morrison, blacksmith, died 4th August 1865 aged 38 years. His wife Marion Turner died 4th October 1906 aged 76 years. Their son Duncan died 9th October 1944 aged 79 years. Their daughter Janet died 12th July 1950 aged 88 years. Sarah McFarlane, wife of Duncan, died 9th October 1967aged 92 years. Erected by their son and daughter.
38MacGilp, MunroIn loving memory of Rev. Alex MacGilp M.A. B.D. died 27th Dec. 1931 and his wife Margaret Ross Munro died 8th Sep. 1917. "I am the resurrectionand the life"
39------------------------------ wife of ------------- who died 8----------7-----------Almost totally eroded engraving encrusted in lichen
40Gillies, McLeodIn memory of John Gillies who died 9th Feby 1908 aged 73 years and his wife Margaret McLeod who died 2nd Jany 1914 aged 74 years. Also their son Archibald who was lost on the S.S. Formby of Glasgow 16th Decr 1917 aged 43 years. Their daughter Margaret who died 17th Decr 1950 aged 73 years
41Brown, Nisbet, McNeill, FairleyIn loving memory of James Brown died 31st Oct. 1912 aged 62. Also his wife Mary Nisbet died 7th March 1915 aged 72. Their sons James died 28 March 1947 aged 67. Donald who was drowned 2nd Jan. 1912 aged 30. Their daughter Isabella Lillias, wife of Donald McNeill, died 28th Nov. 1948 aged 61. Also their son-in-law James Fairley died 28th Nov. 1944 aged 68, husband of Janet C. Brown who died 29th Oct. 1958 aged 74
42McDougall, McNeillIn loving memory of Alexander McDougall who died at Tighnabruaich 20th January 1935 aged 61 years. Also his wife Catherine McNeill who died at Glasgow 16th May 1934 aged 58 years. "To be with Christ is far better" PHIL.I.V.23