For hundreds of years, Scots have left their homeland to set up a new life overseas.  No need to say, many of the inhabitants of Glendaruel and Colintraive followed suit and emigrated to Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc. in search of a better life.

While for some the experience of emigration was a major break with the past, many intended to return home when conditions there improved.  Some returned temporarily and after a brief spell in Scotland tried their luck elsewhere. Others came back permanently, either dissatisfied with the experience or because they had fulfilled their aspirations.  Even those who had emigrated successfully often planned a visit to their ancestral homes.

Many descendants of emigrants from Glendaruel and Colintraive still return every year to visit relatives or to search for their roots and find out the reasons that motivated their ancestors to emigrate.

The transcription of the headstones in the cemeteries of Kilmodan and Colintraive will help the descendants of those who emigrated as well of those who stayed or moved to the neighbouring countries such as England and Ireland retracing their roots.